Fort Lauderdale, Florida

April 15, 2023 | 9 AM – 5 PM

Event proceeds support Food For Life Global, providing 2 million daily vegan meals to hungry women and children in 60 countries.


Join us on April 15th for the Vegan Health and Fitness EXPO and World Vegan Bodybuilding Championships. This history-making event occurs at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

 Try Vegan Nutrition products and delicious Vegan Food samples. Plant Based Doctors, Celebrities, Champion Vegan Athletes, health & fitness experts will be there!

Use Code VEGAN to save $20 on your tickets.

Offer expires Friday, April 14, 2023


  • 10 AM - 1 PM: Bodybuilding Championships
  • 1 PM - 1:45: Chef Babette Davis and Dr. Shabnam Islam (Moderated by Sean Russell) “Loving Your Age”
  • 1:50 PM - 2:35 PM: Milton Mills MD (Intro by Geoff Palmer) “Are Humans Designed to Eat Meat?"
  • 2:40 PM - 3:20 PM: Geoff Palmer “The Men, Meat & Masculinity Myth”
  • 3:25 PM - 3:55 PM: Dr. Frank Sabatino “A Vegan Plant Exclusive Love Story, 3 Love Affairs of True Health Care”
  • 4 PM - 4:30 PM: Giacomo Marchese and Dani Taylor “Getting In Your Best Shape Yet on a Vegan
  • 4:30 PM - 5 PM: Closing Remarks
  • 9:30 AM - 10 AM: Sean Russell “Pre-Vegans: Finding Your Vegan Why"
  • 10:05 AM - 10:35 AM: Katya Gorbacheva “Powerlifting - why should YOU do it?”
  • 10:40 AM - 11:20 AM: Avrora Gunko “Complete Vegan Protein”
  • 11:25 AM - 11:55 AM: James Wildman “101 Reasons to Go Vegan”
  • 12 PM - 12:30: Paul Rodney Turner “Food for Life Global, Compassion in Action”
  • 12:35 - 12:55: Susan Hargreaves “OG Vegan FAQ Challenge”
  • 10 AM - 11 AM: LIVE Music: DJ Ephniko
  • 11 AM - 12 PM: Zumba Class: Courtney Dart 
  • 12 PM - 1 PM: LIVE Music: DJ Ephniko
  • 1 PM - 2 PM: Yoga Class: Kiyona & Jasmine
  • 2 PM - 3:30 PM: LIVE Music: DJ Ephniko
Robert Cheeke
Robert Cheeke


Chef Babette Davis
Chef Babette


Dr. Milton Mills
Dr. Milton Mills


Korin Sutton
Korin Sutton


Dr. Shabnam Islam
Shabnam Islam


Avrora Gunko
Avrora Gunko


Frank Sabatino
Dr. Frank Sabatino


Geoff Palmer
Geoff Palmer


Sean Russell
Sean Russell


Giacomo Marchese
Giacomo Marchese


Dani Taylor
Dani Taylor


Susan Hargreaves
Susan Hargreaves


Explore the World of Vegan Health and Fitness

Jamal Collins

Katherine Stull


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The Vegan Health and Fitness Expo is proud to announce our non-profit donations to Food For Life Global who will have a booth and Founder, Paul Rodney Turner will be speaking at the Expo.

Every ticket purchased will feed a hungry child a vegan meal.

A Brief History of Food For Life Global

Food for Life Global (FFLG) the world’s largest food relief organization serves up to 2 million Vegan meals daily in 60 countries. With a mission to address the root cause of all social issues, projects include health education, eco-farming, schooling, animal rescue, and animal care.

Donate here: https://ffl.org/donate/ or at the show.
Find out more about FFLG here: https://ffl.org/

Clean Machine is also a proud supporter of Food For Life Global.